Clean Language is a powerful but simple tool to help people communicate about complex subjects. Amphora are proud to be one of the earliest use of Clean in business, and are pleased to help others adopt it. 

Originally developed by David Grove for use in Therapy, and later our friend Caitlin Walker pioneered it's use in groups - "Systemic Modelling".


Clean Language encourages people to avoid making assumptions about anything, and to pay careful attention to each other. Clean is deceptively straightforward; listen to the exact words that someone uses, and use a Clean Question to direct their attention and get more information about a specific area. This might seem very simple but the implications are profound!

How we can help

We run a regular Clean Language Group at our offices, and also online for those who prefer that.

If you want to know more and have professional-level training in Clean, we'd strongly recommend Clean Learning who are our preferred training providers. 

Here's Caitlin's TEDx talk on Clean Language and the development of Systemic Modelling.