Amphora Research Systems

World leading ELN solutions

Amphora's electronic notebook solutions allow researchers to concentrate on the science without worrying about the software

With software tools being used in all aspects of science it can seem antiquated to reach for scissors and glue when it comes to write up your findings, and who wouldn't want to be able to google through that bookshelf of old notebooks? Sadly ELNs can seem confusing and restrictive. That's why Amphora's solutions are the most popular replacement for the bound lab notebook.

Let science dictate how you work, not the ELN

Fitting in with the way you currently work, our ELNs let you collaborate, search and share without bringing pain and upheaval more typically associated with a paradigm challenging software rollout. With solutions that work straight out of the box scientists can put away the glue pots and see benefits immediately, and with secure digital signatures the lawyers will be happy too.

Tailored solutions to fit your needs


with chemists, biologists, engineers and more involved how do you make it work?


concerned about productivity and maintaining quality evidence for the defense of patents


need an ELN solution but the budget and infrastructure involved seem impossible


balancing the need for compliance with the inconvenience of cutting and sticking into paper notebooks

Larger Companies

not only patent & productivity issues but multiple sites, security concerns and workflow