Let science

dictate how

you work,

not the ELN

Amphora is proud to have been providing Electronic Laboratory
Notebooks (ELN) and other record keeping tools to the
Scientists and R&D Organizations for over 20 years.

  • Best rated customer support
  • Top level data protection
  • Project, team, inventory and data management

Capturing And Retaining Your Data
For The Long Term In A Secure Manner

Amphora’s electronic notebook solutions allow researchers to concentrate on the science without worrying about the software.

PatentSafe ELN

The most popular replacement for the bound lab notebook – PatentSafe is a flexible, cost effective solution which can be used standalone or in conjunction with one or more ELNs.


IntelliSafe allows research organisations to simply archive, search, and retrieve their experimental work whilst still retaining the security and usability.

EMail Archiver

Builds on our decades of experience helping our customers quickly and easily create rock-solid, defensible records from their every day activity.

Amphora Server

The Amphora Server is the backbone of our products; the latest generation of our platform, it is the result of over 20 years of experience building collaborative solutions.

helping scientists replace
their Bound Laboratory Notebook

Amphora’s mission is not to produce software, it is to make a change in our customers’ lives for the better. That means the implementation and use of our products is as important as the products themselves.


Amphora’s server infrastructure is best-in-class, having been audited by many large companies and approved for the storage of their most critical data.


All data is stored on servers which Amphora own and control; unlike other vendors we do not use Public “Cloud” facilities. We really do know where your data is, a crucial issue for sensitive data.


Unlike many “Cloud” applications, every Amphora customer has their own server, running on an individual Virtual Machine.


A critical component of Amphora’s systems is that we protect your data; as a result our infrastructure is configured to ensure that there are 4 copies of your data, in at least 2 different locations.


Our products are designed to be used over the Internet; good application design and investment in fast Internet Connections means the user experience is generally better than an On Premises server.


Customers can easily move their Hosted server in-house to an on premises server – and back again. In addition, you can split and merge servers, connect them using the Exchange, and allow limited access for a Data Room.

We Believe In Investing In The Markets We Serve And Our Customers’ Needs

Amphora surround our market-leading products with the support you need to achieve a successful return on your investment.

Everything from Implementation Assistance, Maintenance and Support after you’ve deployed, to running a server for you in our Secure Hosting Centre.

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