Working With Us

All too often web sites like this are full of product specifications, with an “About Us” section written by the marketing department – and nothing which helps prospective customers find out the question that’s often the most important but often unsaid… “What’s it like owning your products and working with you?”.

Often our customers come to us via recommendation, or because they worked with us in a previous role. This is very gratifying!

But if you haven’t met us before…

We’re a privately held company, and have long time horizons. We believe in investing in a mutually beneficial, commercially realistic relationship with our customers.

We know that adopting a new solution is risky, both technically and organisationally. We’ve worked hard to reduce those risks, remove barriers to use, and keep the learning curve shallow.

We know Amphora isn’t your only vendor – we provide a very specific and specialised part of the puzzle. We wear our “Plays well with others” badge with pride and hope we serve as an example of best practice.

Our customers don’t often need our Support services, but we’re delighted to help when we can, because that gives us an indication of where we can improve. Don’t be surprised to have the CTO or even our CEO working with you on a problem… being able to work directly with our customers is hugely motivating for us.

Finally, our people really are our best asset and we strive to ensure we have a company full of nice people who are skilled at their jobs and delight in delighting our customers. We hope you appreciate them as much as they appreciate you.

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