Customer Support Client

If you are preparing for a scheduled support session with one of the team, they will probably want to see your screen. We generally use Zoom but if you’d prefer to use Teams that’s fine.

Initiating a Support Request

The most efficient way to initiate a support request is to send an email to your dedicated support address, which can be found under the “Support” link of any of our products and will be four letters unique to your company, e.g.

Using your dedicated support address means your request is routed to the person best able to help you, and is also tracked in our support database.

If you don’t know the address, you can always email us at

You can also phone us although we vastly prefer email. If you’ve got an urgent situation you can always email and then call us to discuss.

It helps our internal processes if each issue gets an individual email – if there’s three things you want to talk to us about, send 3 emails so we can track them as individual issues.

Book a Support Session

Documentation Etc.

To access documentation and support resources, either follow the “Help” link in recent versions of PatentSafe, or click here to access via your email address.