What Makes Us Different

The Amphora Difference

Amphora started providing Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for Research Scientists; we were the first commercial provider of such systems and soon realised that deploying record keeping systems into R&D was challenging.

Fortunately, we realised early on that despite it being a very “technical” environment, the key to success was a respectful, human approach.

Nearly two decades later, this humbling realisation informs everything we do; our sales process, product design, implementation assistance and support. Even our approach to commercial issues.

Our offerings have expanded since the early days; we’ve taken that same successful approach that worked with ELNs into other areas where people need to keep good records but not at the expense of the user’s convenience.

As a result, we believe that for our target customers our offerings and approach are generally the best way to solve our customers’ problem of “We need to keep records of our work”.

However, we are also very clear that not everyone is our target customer, and we’re very pleased to point you in the right direction if there are others who can help you better.

Our Core

We’re privately held, so we have long time horizons. Many of our competitors have exited or substantially changed strategy through the demands of short term investors; we believe this market especially requires and rewards long-term stability and we do that through putting out customers first.

We believe in investing in the markets we serve and our customers’ needs – as a result we’re already the oldest, most experienced vendor in our industry, with a loyal following.

We’re also geeks – we thrive on creative solutions to customer problems, whatever their cause. Our R&D budget is well above industry norms but regardless of any commercial considerations, we find investigating new technologies is an important part of keeping ourselves fresh, relevant – and amused.

Most importantly of all, we hire nice people and allow them to do the right thing; at our core we are a people business and we’re proud to be a case study for some powerful new approaches involving communication, collaboration, and empowerment.

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