Amphora EMail Archiver

Email is hugely powerful especially for inter-company communication; with the increasing use of Collaborations and Outsourcing, it is also increasingly the medium for negotiating technically complex commercial matters.

Unfortunately Email infrastructure has lagged significantly behind business use; many companies automatically delete Email after a period or restrict the size of Mailboxes. The few archiving solutions which are available tend to be focused on legal compliance and tend to capture everything or nothing.

Amphora’s Email Archiver builds on our decades of experience helping our customers quickly and easily create rock-solid, defensible records from their every day activity.

Simply CC or Forward an email to the Email Archive and your Email will be recorded in industry-standard PDF with all attachments preserved. You can optionally have your Email signed and witnessed to provide even better legal protection.

By archiving only what needs preserving in an accessible, searchable repository, the Amphora Email Archiver allows companies to use Email safely for all manner of commercial issues whilst remaining compliant with corporate Record Keeping requirements.

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