PatentSafe ELN

The most popular replacement for the bound lab notebook

PatentSafe is Amphora’s direct replacement for the bound paper notebook. As you might expect from the name, one of its key drivers is to create evidence which can be used in the defense of patents. PatentSafe is a flexible, cost effective solution which can be used standalone or in conjunction with one or more ELNs from Amphora or other suppliers.

At Amphora we believe that your research goals should dictate what tools you need to use in the lab, not your notebook software. So PatentSafe customers can put data from anywhere into their notebook, but more quickly and simply, and without the need for scissors and glue.

Designed to let you work the way that works best for you, PatentSafe makes it:

  • easy to submit data, wherever it comes from
  • quick and simple to find previous experiments when you need them
  • straightforward to sign and witness experiments for patent purposes

Flexible and open

When looking for an ELN solution it can be tempting to gather all the interested parties and produce a list of features that your notebook must have. Unless you only have one scientific discipline this, sadly, is unlikely to be a recipe for a successful notebook. Amphora’s solutions grew out of just such a multi-disciplinary team. As a result PatentSafe is discipline neutral and we recommend scientists choose the best tool for whatever specific task they are doing.

And when a new area of research, or better software tool comes along the change doesn’t affect all of research, or need approval from the patent department. Simply use the best tool for your discipline, output to PatentSafe and you have a secure, sharable, searchable record of your work.

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