Amphora’s products can run on the customer’s own server (On Premises) or on one of Amphora’s servers and accessed over The Internet.

Everything we do at Amphora is about capturing and retaining data for the long term in a secure manner. This means our Hosted servers are a bit more special than your average Web Application, and we’ve done a number of things differently from other vendors as a result.


Amphora’s server infrastructure is best-in-class, having been audited by many large companies and approved for the storage of their most critical data.


All data is stored on servers which Amphora own and control, in our own hosting facility; unlike other vendors we do not use Public “Cloud” facilities, because:

  • Our customers need to know where their data is
  • We feel we need to be able to reassure our customers that we know their data is managed

As a result Amphora have made significant investments in connectivity and infrastructure to provide industry-leading hosting arrangements.


Unlike many “Cloud” applications, every Amphora customer has their own server, running on an individual Virtual Machine. There’s no chance of customer data being intertwined, which is a significant consideration for data which may be subject to legal scrutiny.


A critical component of Amphora’s systems is that we protect your data; as a result our infrastructure is configured to ensure that there are 4 copies of your data, in at least 2 different locations. Data is continuously backed up to our secure secondary hosting location, and the entire backup process is monitored by a second system which not only ensures the backups are performed, but that the copies of your data repository retain their integrity.

In addition, customers may subscribe to an external backup service with a third party. Amphora will copy your data there every night, ensuring you have your data independent of Amphora.

Most of our servers are located in Europe, to ensure our customers can benefit from the enhanced protections afforded by European privacy laws. We can also run servers in the United States for companies with Export Control concerns.


Our products are designed to be used over the Internet; good application design and investment in fast Internet Connections means the user experience is generally better than an On Premises server.


Customers can easily move their Hosted server in-house to an on premises server – and back again. In addition, you can split and merge servers, connect them using the Exchange, and allow limited access for a Data Room.