Our History

We started out working for a Knowledge Management-centric IT consulting company, who were contracted by Kodak in 1996 to create an Electronic Laboratory Notebook for Kodak’s then many-thousands strong worldwide R&D group.

Kodak’s story is well known and despite world-leading technology, it couldn’t bring it to market.

Amphora’s has been somewhat happier – the work we did with Kodak got noticed, and in the early 2000’s we sold ELN systems to DuPont and ICI.

As the result of a management buyout, Amphora was formed as a separate, independent company in 2003. Not only do we have the distinction of being the first commercial ELN vendor, we’ve also proved to be the most enduring.

Our products are in use by many thousands worldwide, in a variety of industries. We’d be delighted if you joined them.

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